Love is in the Air

Semi-literally since we never really took off from where we stood; we just watched as the balloons slowly lifted from the ground up. This particular Hot Air Balloon Festival was memorable because they said it was the last. Well, that was what they said.

Two days before Valentine’s Day, Andre’s family and I left Manila and traveled north for three hours to witness the festivity. This was also our very first road trip together, so it was definitely one for the books.

It was barely sunrise when we reached Clark and the place was already teeming with people. We had Jollibee for breakfast after what seemed like an hour and half to get inside. Everything was all about lines and people trying to get from point A to point B; there were crowds in every corner of the site.

As the sun the rose, the balloons also took flight. Simultaneously, a number of exhibitions also took place – skydiving Philippine Flag jump, tandem paragliding, and skydiving exhibition.

We decided to leave an hour before lunch time, and just when we were about to get pass the gate, we noticed an area where a certain balloon was accessible to the public. We were blessed to have a close up photo of a hot air balloon and Tricia, Andre’s sister was fortunate to ride in it too.

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