We’re Getting Married

They say that the day a woman gets engaged is every girl’s dream. But the truth is, for me, it was my own dream as well. I always daydreamed as I grew up different scenarios where I would drop down to my knee and finally pop the question. It was definitely something I wanted to do one day.

Little did people know that at some point in law school, I gave up that I would ever get to that point. I wondered if I ever will become a lawyer or if I will ever get married. So one day, I just prayed and trusted God and I made a minor change. I changed my alarm to the song Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol.

♪Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back
It’s not a test, nor a trick of the mind
Only love♪

And that song was the song that I woke up to every day. As I showered each morning, daydreaming of the day I would become a lawyer or the day I would ask a girl to be mine, that song was playing in the back of my mind.

Yesterday, she said yes. My now fiancee, Anjelica, said yes to me. She didn’t just say yes to us getting married. She said yes to trust me with her life and walk with the Lord. She said yes to live a life with me to glorify our God. No longer will I be alone in this life. I will soon have a partner, the one that would lead me to be more Christ-like. I have found my missing rib.

I thank my family, who have taken me up to this point. They willingly went through the traffic with me, just so that we can get to the point where I would propose to Lica. I love you and just like in all the important moments of my life, you were there and complete.

I thank Lica’s dad, Tito Augusto, and Tita Nenette, who went to the place as well to prepare and plan for the proposal. Thank you tito, for giving away your daughter to me and trusting me with her life. Rest assured that you have not lost a daughter, but you have gained a son.

I thank Dhan  and Michellewho sacrificed their time and sleep to turn my crazy bland ideas into something amazing and magical. This proposal would have never happened without you guys. Thank you Mitch for giving it your all for a stranger like myself. You have a very kind heart. You are a blessing!

And of course, thank you Lica, for saying yes. Because without that yes, this post and this wonderful moment would have never happened. You are my dream come true. I love you so so much, my future wife.

Andre Ramos

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