Photo Diary Two: Tagaytay

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They say marriage is all about teamwork and compromise. Thank you for carrying part of the load I have imposed on my shoulders.

At first, I thought planning was stressful, until you stepped in and made it one crazy, childlike adventure of unauthorized dumplings from Tai Ho Wan (André was doing monologues in the car to keep himself awake during long drives. He mistook unauthorized dumping to unauthorized dumpling and from then on came a long series of exchanges from various Chinese restaurant chefs to a wandering Xiao Long Bao – “YOU!” he’d start off his scenario, “Xiao Long Bao! What are you doing here?! Tim Ho Wan is looking for you!” then he’d laugh by himself, “Me? NO! I belong to Din Tai Fung”, a smaller voice would answer (parang baliw lang hahahaha) but watching him was amusing. Better than those Iflix movies we’d put on from time to time during heavy traffic.

Thank you for allowing me to snap shots of you and passing it off as candid when you knew I was taking a photo. You knew my style…to make it look more natural. You know me. My inanities, my creativity and my bursts of frustration when things are not in place.

My childhood playmate is amazing. I cannot believe we’re old enough to get married. Where did all those years go? No?

I cannot imagine life without you…and pancakes and pretty photos.

God is amazing. You are a beauty. 🙂 Your soul is a beauty. I love you, baby.

To more photo diaries like this till life captures beautiful memories without the convenience of a camera – because we’re to old to use it.

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