JAPAN! (a throwback) 

My parents-in-law and sister-in-law are in Japan for leisure and church ministry and this will be the third time my husband was left behind because of work. I really felt bad for him since I know he longed for this place and never had the chance to see it. The thing is, I’ve been there with my dad two years ago and I just saw the photos again while cleaning my files.

André is still waiting for the right time to go (we pray this year will be it!)

I had a handful of emotions for this country. For one, I have been dying to go here and I finally had the chance to experience a smidgen of it (the food, the shops and the museums). I got to see my cousins, Leora and Shira again after a long time (they live in Israel and I do not think we will be going there for awhile). For a side story, that was the reason why we booked a ticket to Haneda in the first place! I heard they were planning a trip to Tokyo and so my dad and I decided to join them. It was hitting two birds with one stone.

And of course, the ultimate – it was my dad and I’s last trip before I got married. I do not want to delve more into that, I might get too dramatic haha.


  1. I learned to eat Ramen! When this dish arrived in Manila, I was not really into it – maybe I just did not order the right mix? My first taste was in Ikkoryu Fukuoka in SM Aura and boy I thought that bowl of noodle soup was too oily. From that time on, I avoided every single restaurant that was devoted to the dish haha. UNTIL I found myself in a booth in Ippudo, Tokyo. THEIR RAMEN WAS TO DIE FOR.  And just like any other good restaurant overseas, you can find this same restaurant in a mall in Manila. But it is not the same.
  2. DEERS IN NARA! At first, I found them absolutely adorable until they became aggressive for cookies and started tugging on my bag, and pulling me in all directions! But because I love animals, I still found it cute hahaha (for a time, then I had to leave because I could no longer control them). Mind you, they were huge.
  3. Inari Shrine I remember holding up a crowd behind me just so I can take a photo of the pathway without people! haha you could find that picture above.
  4. The crazy world of Harajuku! it was like waking up to some kind of artists’ lair. I have no words to describe this place, except that no matter how you keep yourself open-minded, you will still be caught by surprise!
  5. My love for Omotesando – This was my district. Nestled in a quaint neighborhood with narrow streets were cozy coffee shops and small boutiques. This was where my dad and I bought our “must-buy” – a pair of Onitsuka sneakers haha. I will always go here for every chance I get.
  6. My then fiancé’s only request – a Gundam action figure from Akihabara. This district is a must-see for Animé enthusiasts. They had buildings with several floors devoted to toys.
  7. Sights and sounds of Dotonbori, Osaka. I felt like I was either in a movie or a music video. Welcome to Osaka’s nightlife filled with restaurants, theaters, bars and arcades. It was a sight and experience to behold! You are in for a thrill!

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