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Baguio: Escaping the Heat in Manila

The thought of going on a road trip excites me, and it was even more thrilling a few days ago because we headed north via Joybus, Genesis’ line of luxury buses. We’d be commuting all the way to Baguio! 🙂

It was a labor day weekend when we decided to go to the summer capital of the Philippines; and we were indeed welcomed with a somewhat chilly vibe the moment we stepped down from our vehicle! It was awesome! I told André we should build a summer house there when we become rich and famous (haha yeah right!) I want to go back as I write this for the intense heat of Manila is agonizing. I miss the cold.

We went with André’s family to celebrate his dad’s birthday, and to commemorate such milestone, we went thrift shopping (locally known as Ukay-ukay) after the dinner celebration haha! It was fun! We ended up bringing more bags than we could carry because of the winter jackets we bought (in time for Japan this November). That is reason number two for wanting to go back to Baguio! Shopping for Ukay finds!

The third would have to be the cafés I was not able to discover! It seemed like three days were not enough to go around the city for we did not have a car. We spent so much on taxi fares. 😦Note to self: bring a car next time.

Definitely the chill, the coffee and the clothes, next time. 

The little details of our trip:

  1. Strawberry Taho – you cannot leave Baguio without buying a cup from a mang-tataho. It will be like missing 50% of the local experience!
  2. Baguio Night Market – some of the ukaymerchandise are really worth the crowd and old garment stench haha.
  3. Forest Lodge – Camp John Hay is the place to be in this vicinity and we were fortunate to have found a place here. The most amazing thing we discovered is that it actually has an Airbnb option! when we could not find a room via Booking, we were able to find one through Airbnb.
  4. Cafe by the Ruins – an old-time favorite which re-opened along Upper Session Road.
  5. Burnham Park – is still surprisingly crowded, and people still rent boats to enjoy the lake.

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