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Throwback Thursday: A Proposal


The date was August 4, 2016 and the one thing that I will not forget about that fateful evening was how my date went the extra mile of donning a suit before asking me to be his girlfriend. 

Our courtship stage was not a walk in the park; before I witnessed Andre mouthing those words, “will you be my girlfriend?” there have been a series of doubts, moments of me wanting to end our friendship and asking God whether our encounter was yet another test of His faithfulness to each of our lives.

Back then I wondered if my convictions and behaviors were bordering on legalism, for I guarded my thoughts and actions so much (maybe even too much) just so I could not lead Andre into something that was not part of God’s will. I remember a scene I had with him at the parking lot of Eastwood mall where I refused to even hug him because my vulnerability at that time was stronger than I could handle. I was going through a whirlwind of emotions and I knew a hug would just break me. I got into my car that night and cried as I drove back home. I prayed and told God that I trusted Him in every circumstance even when I could not understand His plans. I just could not sacrifice something so beautiful that I would rather wait and get hurt now that to risk it and disobey . Andre has his own shares of sacrifices as well which is why I grew more in love with him. He just loved the Lord so much, more than himself and me.

By God’s grace, after six months of waiting on the Lord, he finally asked his parents and my dad if I could be his girlfriend. With marriage as the end goal, we knew we had to honor our parents every step of the way. Well…it was worth every moment of it. We involved both our authorities because we loved and honored them. We wanted them to be a part of God’s story for our lives.

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