Ham and Egg Sandwich

After I realized my husband has left for work, I sent him a message telling him I wish we had more time in the morning. I long for Saturdays when we could just stay in bed longer and have meaningful conversations over breakfast once we finally decide to get up. That is pure bliss, but it just happens once a week (since we prepare early for church on Sundays). Rrrrr. ADULTING. Sometimes I wish we married young so we can just dismiss the responsibilities of being an adult but still be together. WHAT AM I SAYING?! HAHA. HUHU (even my emotions are confused) I am just that sad.

This is the second time I decided to sleep in! I remember because the other instance was when Andre sent me a message telling me a funny story of how he tried cooking spam inside the oven toaster, since he did not know where the pans were (shout out to those husbands who try to work themselves around the kitchen! it is so adorable really). It was a failed attempt, but he ate it anyway. I do not know why I even explain myself but not being able to wake up early in the morning just feels awful because I know I should. I worked on my blog late into the wee hours of the morning, that I failed to get up in time. That will be the last time I will be sleeping late (I hope).

Today, I decided to fix myself breakfast since I was no longer in a hurry. I usually accompany Andre’s quick fix of corned beef and rice with my usual jam and bread.

Insert emo music here haha. This photo does feel like a scene from a movie. 

I prepared a Ham and Egg Muffin sandwich which seemed like the Mcdonald’s Mcmuffin Egg sandwich, only healthier. My husband brought home a cheese loaf from Bread Talk last night (which happens to be our favorite!) so I made use of it. The meat was Excelente Chinese Ham which my dad gave me a few weeks ago.

I do not normally cook my eggs like this but this kind of plating called for it. There are many ways to rustle up round-shaped eggs; if I had cylindrical cookie cutters, this would have been easier. Hence, I placed mine inside circular molds and steamed them to hard boiled perfection. I could also bake them inside the oven but it will take too much time, so this what I preferred (it still came out the way I wanted it to). Plus, brushing the baking mold with olive oil enabled these babies to slide out and retain its shape. Voila! 

Happy Morning, Everyone!

– Lica


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