Burgers + Random Banter

I love my husband more than burgers! But burgers vyed for my attention as well and so today they got it. Chooomp!

The thing that I was most grateful for tonight was that André took me out for dinner! There was a time when weekend dates ranged from highly unlikely to non-existent because of church festivities. So when an opportunity came that we got to spend time together, I took it with arms wide open!

I threw a question at him at random, I asked if we were not doing any church activity (say we were not even committed Christians serving the Lord at all) what would we be doing? where would we be? and what kind of fun would we engage ourselves in? Such a scary thought, no? I prayed that my husband and I would always find a joy in doing things for God even if it was inconvenient.

So, 8 Cuts it was! Same order, as always.

A friend of mine first introduced me to 8 Cuts onion rings and since then I have never ordered any other side dish to a perfect junk meal! Even though André has always been an unwavering fan of french fries whichever establishment we found ourselves in, we shared the same love for the same variety of burger – the cheeseburger. 

As we bit off calories from our meals, my husband described to me the immensity of God haha such a weird combination, I know; but I loved how he shared with me his thoughts and learnings as he spent more time reading God’s Word. He was narrating to me what he told his bible study group last night – the greatness of God did not only refer to His distinction as who He was, but also His magnificent ability in supplying all of our considerable needs.

In this day and age, it is so easy to forget about His faithfulness in our lives. We fail to remember His Presence when things go well, and we also drown in unbelief when circumstances challenge us.

Hihi, such a simple and sweet night this was! Me, André and our beloved meal. I wished our lives would always be like this, but we were also discussing over dinner that we will go wherever God leads us, even if He asks us to jump off our boats and walk on water! But for now…this is how it has been for us.


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