The Silog I love

I have a new source of amusement! a washing machine haha. We just bought one and I have been thrilled to pieces just trying to work my way through laundry. I have been hand washing our clothes since we got back from our honeymoon (six months ago)! My hands need a rest, they have been dry as ever! wrinkles and all. 🙁 However, towards the middle of me sorting out the buttons, I realized how much of a noob I was! haha oh well.


Tomorrow is another holiday! Eid al Fitr, which is a special religious holiday celebrated by the Muslims; but Andre decided not to go to work today as well by reason of being down with flu.The rains have somewhat subsided but the atmosphere still bear shades of grey and gloom. It has been particularly hard to get up each day during the previous waking hours since I am wrapped up by such perfect bed weather. Part of me wished the coziness of it all will be unrelenting, yet the rains have caused enough damage already. Maybe it’s time for sun-shining days.

So…on to what’s for breakfast, because I have not been posting as regular as I should.

We Filipinos love our Silog meals and we have a variety of them for proof! Si for Sinangag (garlic fried rice) and Log for itlog (fried egg). The one I prepared for Andre happens to be my favorite, well next to the very famous Tapsilog. This combination of food is usually a breakfast meal but we do not limit ourselves to that time of the day only; we can actually relish them all day long!

Our fascination for the silog craze is a reflection of our creativity and prudence. Originally, sinangag is leftover rice from last night’s dinner which we re-cook again with garlic and maybe butter. We throw in meat (hotdog, longganisa, tocino or tapa) that we have in our refrigerator and finish it off with a nice, sunny-side up egg! Perfection!


The Longanisa we had was a bit frozen so I had to break it down so I can cook it better (aka Longanisang hubad).

A silog meal is usually best taken with vinegar! Actually we eat a lot of dishes with vinegar! We even pair barbecues with it.

What is your favorite Silog meal? 🙂


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