Casa Xocolat

The comeback.

When news broke out that Xocolat along Katipunan was closing, I felt a tinge of nostalgia as memories within its walls ran in my mind. I have had a number of recollections of this place – from college group meetings to dines out with friends and family up until last year.

I loved everything about it! The feels – the homey ambiance it exudes from it’s main dining to the rest room (also because it was a former home! haha); the food – I enjoyed their pastas and their chocolate drinks were heaven in a sip. Thinking about it makes me want to get myself a cup right now! haha sarap eh.

Everything about it reminds me of home, really. I have a penchant for restaurants that can serve home-cooked meals (like Xocolat, Conti’s, Mary Grace – says a lot about my age and that I am still young! haha).

So anyway, imagine my excitement when I found out they re-opened elsewhere! A few steps from their previous location. 155 B. Gonzales street.

I actually adore their new food loft (if you can call it that). Their latest place was definitely brighter, although warmer, maybe because of the floor to ceiling windows that they have.

They still have two (freaky) dolls haha, at least dalawang na lang! it used to be a cabinet filled with gothic-looking figures. Sorry, it just really freaks me out.

This has been going on every single Sunday of my married life – date with dad for lunch and then dinner out with Andre’s family. And I have been looking forward to it every single time since day one! 🙂

My dad has found his son! They are carbon copies of each other (kenkoy wise ^_^).

Creatures of habit that we are, we still asked for the same dish that we usually order from way back: Chicken Pesto Pasta and Spicy Tuyo Pasta. And cap it with good ‘ol classic hot chocolate.

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