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Where to stay in Madrid: Casa Arriaza

Alright, where to start? All these memories are getting me excited! Finally, I get to share them with you online.

I know it has been six months ago when we found ourselves in the streets of Madrid but as cliché as it may appear to be, it seems like it was only a few days ago since Andre and I shared our first plate of Churros! I honestly miss the vivacious mood of San Gines as I type this. I feel nostalgic as I remember the line of people trying to get in, the smell of freshly cooked pastries, the wild banter amongst Spaniards as they mingled in groups, and of course our first bite and sip of their famous combination – Churros con Chocolate.

But before I continue with the sights and sounds, I want to start with the place we called ‘home’ – our compact yet comfy apartment along Calle Arriaza.

I started looking for possible accomodations at the start of the year. I collected a few good hotels and Airbnbs in locations which I knew we would frequently visit like the Gran Via, Plaza del Sol, and Plaza Mayor. After completing our itinerary I decided we should park our bags and rest heads near the Royal Palace of Madrid. It was a neighborhood that I fell in love with for it was surrounded by parks and cafes and away from the busyness of the city.

Touchdown Madrid Barajas Airport

We arrived in Madrid at 8 PM and was welcomed by the remnants of the chilly weather of Spring. I rejoiced in the fact that it was not freezing cold even during the night. Unlike the other time we were in Europe, we started heading home before sunset to avoid the wintry evening breeze.

It was a 45-minute drive to our apartment but it took us 15 minutes to reach our unit from the main door. We had a little trouble getting inside our home but our host was kind of enough to guide us in. At that moment, I had a tinge of worry haha and it was reminiscent of our first night together as husband and wife when we got locked out of our hotel. BUT all was good and we were able to rest well that night (what a relief!); and despite that little setback, we were comforted by the certainty that the building and our room was safe and secure.

Reaching our small space in the metropolis was a different story. Every corner in our booked lodging was lovely.

The low down on Casa Arriaza:

  1. It satisfied my yearnings for a Scandinavian home! haha! The overall theme of the flat was white, clean with a few touches of color.
  2. All their televisions (one in the masters bedroom, another in the living room) had Netflix! not to mention free and reliable wifi.
  3. The bed and its sheets were something to look forward to after a long day of walking.
  4. They gave us a small welcome gift – an olive oil based soap.
  5. The owners provided us with a map of the city, and even though we had our own printed out, them getting this covered was a thoughtful treat. You know, just in case. 🙂
  6. The amenities for cooking, though few were sufficient to get us by through breakfast. It even had a Nespresso maker with free pods. Also, aside from kitchenware, it had bath products and household cleaning appliances. Truly a bonus for an OC person like me.
  7. There was adequate space for our bags with enough room to move around.
  8. The only setback was the bathroom for it did not have a separate door haha each of us must chill in the living room if one has to do his/ her business. But truth be told, since we’ve been married for more than a year, we were comfortable with other during these times hahaha. Eh ganun eh!
  9. The location was beside a grocery, which was the cherry on top of my cooking-food-in-a-different-country fantasy.
  10. We were just absolutely smitten by Casa Arriaza! It was comfortable, spotless and we were spared from the pandemonium that is Madrid – it was definitely deserving of a 9.5 rating.

Thank you Sonia for sharing your home with us! It was a delightful experience and we shall come back should we find ourselves in Madrid again sometime in the future.

For bookings: https://www.booking.com/hotel/es/casa-arriaza.en-gb.html 🙂

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