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Hello, 2020!

Hello, friends, family and random people on the internet! And welcome!

I know that I have been writing for quite sometime now but my previous posts have not been quite me. It has been a challenge to blog because I am somewhat caught in the middle of trying to milk money out of this website and just treating it as a past time to tell stories about my experiences.

The internet has a great deal of telling aspiring bloggers that with great content comes a great number of views, likes, comments, and what have you. So, the past days have been dedicated to that – I cannot count the many sites I have visited on learning more about SEOs and creating captivating graphics in order to capture you…my viewer! In the process of all that digital hullabaloo, I lost my myself, my passion and my thoughts. I also kept sashaying between the want to express and the need to impress. It has been a very confusing “writing” journey, if you will and in the midst of trying to find balance, I want to start over.

PLUS, as you all know, I also (somewhat) started this new chapter in my life – marriage! haha and God has and had His funny ways of taking my mundane days into a whole new level. There are just so many things I want to write about and have not quite succeeded because I do not know where to start. Sooo, let’s just get under way from the beginning, shall we? Note to self: results should not get in the way of the narrative.

So, this blog on chronicling our life’s mini stories – from experiments in the kitchen to travels around the region and abroad, to anything and everything in between; and of course my promise to post photos. 🙂

Welcome to Ramos on the Road 2.0! where the struggle of living is genuinely real but definitely worth it! I cannot wait to share our adventures with you all!



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