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It has been two weeks since my last post…two weeks!

Hello. After a litany of excuses, I finally got the time to sit behind my computer. So much has happened lately that I was wondering if my travel stories about Taiwan could still peak enthusiasm for curious wanderers, not that anyone was reading haha. Anyway, as we all know, there was a pandemic that sent everyone running around like a headless chicken. The 2019 Novel Corona Virus that literally sucked the joy and life out of a handful of nations. That was one of my reasons for not writing anything about traveling, for now. I am an awful writer, I know.

In between wallowing in lack of inspiration and trying to find something else to produce on this space I found a criteria I could more or less add color to – a sort of “life lately” that I saw as a trend in a few blogs that I follow. 🙂 So what have I/we (as husband and wife) been up to?

Not so much as an improved topic to catch people’s attention HAHA but oh well, to each his own digital writing style. Here goes…

Cat Adventures: An Introduction

What? CAT?

People who know me well and follow me on social media pretty much see two Chihuahuas every now and then in my photos, so why the sudden change of animals? Well not really change? more of an addition to what we have…

We still have Feliz and Java with us who we love to bits! BUT over the course of a year, this happened…

Let me start off by saying we are currently taking care of six stray cats – two at home and four that are frolicking around our village’s playground. My husband and I have a small apartment and dealing with six indoors can be unbearable for me and might even be detrimental to my husband’s health. With that, we chose the two most vulnerable of the pack to seek refuge in our humble home – a blind Calico and her surviving ginger kitten.

photo for rescue cats | feral cats | stray cats

Meow and Meow 2

In the summer of 2019, we got our first cat visit from Meow.

picture of a feral cat

It was his incessant bellowing that led us to nourishing him for a few days (Meoooow; haha we lack creativity when it comes to pet names). We liked Meow – he was a large black and white stray with a cross-eyed condition. We actually found his crazy eyes adorable.

Prior to this, Andre and I were dog people and not used to catering to these domesticated animals. We even considered Meow as a huge pet because compared to him, our two Chihuahuas seemed tiny! Well, they really WERE small to begin with.

During our first feline encounter, I did not have cat food, but I remember rushing to a pet shop across our neighborhood to buy food items (dry and wet, thanks to Andre’s sister!); that was the moment I knew we will be seeing our furry friend for a rather long time.

A few weeks later, we came across Meow 2 – a sweet and small Calico who was still discovering her cat cries; she would open her mouth but no sound would come out haha. She seemed like a porcelain kitty, a statue if you will. Our little Meow 2 wrapped herself around our legs whenever she saw us and bid us off to the gate whenever we left the village. It was astonishing. We also saw her waiting on our door mat every time we return home.

And so one became two. 🙂

Blind Cat and Parquet

AND two became three when our neighborhood maintenance personnel told me that he could no longer feed his chosen feral from the group (he would usually give portions of his already inadequate lunch to this small cat). She apparently belonged to the same litter where Meow came from; and we found it evident because she also had an eye condition. Our littlest of the cat family was blind, hence, we called her Blind Cat. I KNOW, I KNOW, it does not sound right? but we got used to calling her that. I can count the many times I thought of changing it, but never pushed through with it at all. (please do not hate me haha)

Blind Cat came to us in August of 2019 and we also found out that she was pregnant (surprise! there will be kitties). She gave birth soon after with two kittens – an all-black one and the other was orange and because she gave birth outside our home, we could not track where she kept her babies. Eventually, because of her inability to see, she lost them both.

Until, the same personnel told me that he found Blind Cat’s remaining kitten in a trash bin and to our dismay, the other one did not survive. We kept him and fed him back to good health.

Since then, we decided to reunite Parquet with his mom and kept them both while he was still nursing.

Since having them, my cleaning habits have stepped up a notched HAHA but I do not mind, it is nice to go home to these friendly furrys every single time.

before and after photo of stray cat

This is Parquet, now. 🙂 He is as healthy as he can be! Recently, we had him and Meow neutered! I will write about it soon after!

Kitten and Little Evil Grey

We have the weirdest of cat names, and these appellations are descriptions that first came into our minds when we discovered them. Kitten (our white and orange kitty) was a baby when we first found him in the playground, it was said that he was left there by a neighbor. Little Evil Grey on the other hand, looked like a smaller version of a random cat that was tormenting Meow whom we called, “Evil Grey”. That bully was a huge, grey-stripped feline with piercing eyes.

We also located Little Evil Grey in the very same misfit situation of being abandoned in the playground. I guess that place was where they “dumped” orphaned kittens, I really do not know for sure but since then, we’ve been feeding the two cats there. 🙂

I never saw myself as a cat person until now. Restoring their lives was an accomplishment for Andre and I. It may not be a huge modification since most of the time these cats live outside our house (except Blind Cat and Parquet), but feeding them with quality food is good enough for us. I thank God we live in a tropical country where “winter” months are not really deathly cold.

SO, that sums up our cat gang! weeeeee.

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