First of Summer

Yesterday, my husband and I came home from one of the most surreal vacations we’ve ever had. We got invited to stay at my dad’s friend’s house for a quick summer getaway. We were pretty bummed out for cancelling our US trip this March (due to Covid-19), and so this short travel was much needed.

My dad’s close friend from college owns a massive house in one of the most exclusive villages down south of Manila; and being able to stay in it for three days has been a dream. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever see myself setting foot in such a subdivision and so this day off has been an answered prayer of the highest degree! I am just so overjoyed.

Thank you, Tito! Words cannot express how grateful I am.

(I cannot really divulge much, but these are just some of our happy photos of the place!)

I probably ticked three from my bucket list just from this getaway alone!

  • experience a night swim (in a private pool); to add to the already luxurious treat, the pool was heated
  • to drink wine while swimming
  • to drink coffee while wading in a pool and watching a sunset 🙂

I truly did not deserve this, it was a miracle we even had a chance. Usually, good things come in small packages, but sometimes they do arrive in hefty boxes covered with shiny wrappers.

I sincerely cannot wait for our next adventure! Summer has just begun.

– lica

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