kale salad

are you a salad person? you might like this.

personally, kale is my new favorite ingredient these days – it is so crunchy and very nutrient-dense (contains fiber, antioxidants, calcium, vitamins c and k, and iron).

just a side story, a few days ago (before all this CRAZY grocery hoarding started), i came across a couple of really low-priced kale bouquets (bouquet, can i call it that? haha). i am talking about a single package being 47 pesos! that was darn cheap. so, i loaded a handful into my grocery cart, and have been shoving it to my family’s mouths ever since haha. call me #blessed! haha i was just so happy to have such a fantastic greens encounter! kale pa! (thank you, Lord).

ANYWAY, have you ever tried massaging kale with olive oil (or garlic-infused oil)? this was my first time. i read somewhere in the internet that putting pressure on the leaves will soften it and make it less bitter, plus olive oil infuses flavor beyond words. but do be mindful by washing your hands, twice, thrice before doing this! especially during these days. IF by fun circumstance, you are careless with hygiene, i suggest wearing plastic gloves or skip this step and proceed instead to dressing your salad with all kinds of toppings. TO BE SAFE.

so, this salad can go both ways – the minimalist version or the yeah-put-everything-in-it type. if you want a simple mix, go for the olive oil massaging method, squeeze a bit of lemon, then drizzle with parmesan! i tell you, this is enough in itself. 🙂

how do you massage kale?

to begin the process, first remove the stems by slicing them out with a knife or ripping the leaves off by hand. cut the kale into ribbons and place it in a large bowl. you can massage kale plain, if you plan to add a dressing later. or massage it with the dressing, as we do today.

massage the kale with your hands for about 2 minutes, until the kale is well-coated and starts to wilt. it should reduce in volume by about 30%. Just remember that you don’t want to over-massage your kale, otherwise it will start to look a bit lifeless.

to test if you’ve massaged it enough, simply try it. you’ll want to taste a bit of crunch while not having to tear away or chew extremely hard.


BUT, my family was not the minimalist type, so, i resorted to this…

after massaging my kale, i included these ingredients: 1/4 cup each of bacon, walnuts, sweet potato, dried cranberries, arugula and a few pieces of lettuce. i did not put any dressing because the olive oil would suffice.

i think there is no limit to what you can put in a salad! whatever you fancy really. 🙂 i chose these because these are what we have in our pantry and refrigerator.

helpful tip:

how do you preserve kale? perhaps you want to keep them longer just because like me, you avoid going back to the supermarket due the pandemonium at hand. (can i just say how wildly chaotic everything has become? it is UNREAL.)

google says leafy greens (kale, spinach, lettuce) stay fresh longer if they’re rinsed, wrapped in a paper towel, and refrigerated in a container or sealed plastic bag. but, i can testify to this as well because in culinary school, this was how we were taught to properly store salad greens.

i have also read that they can even stay fresh for a YEAR (?!) if they are frozen. i think that is intense haha, but to make a point, you must freeze them to keep them longer.

the recommended process to freeze greens is to blanch them first. however, it is not required. you can freeze your fresh greens and other vegetables without freezing them if you like. 

so, that’s that! stay safe and healthy


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