Who Am I? 

Hi, I’m Lica!

I recently got married! yay. Even if my place in the world has somewhat changed, my passions have not – I love to cook, write and capture photos.

A few years ago, I would have told you that creating a blog like this was impossible. I had zero knowledge about DNS settings (I am still a noob at present despite my self-study of hosting procedures) and html codes, I lacked the skills in curating passable blog photos and my life was just not interesting enough. All of those excuses stemmed out from an insecurity that I cannot create a following of my own.

Well, scratch out the following haha, I just wanted to blog and narrate stories of how God has been incredibly faithful to me and my family in the form of photos and words. I’d be blessed if anyone was actually reading them! 🙂 


I have documented some of my memories in snippets all over the net (in social media and old online journals), but I wanted this new stretch of years to be different. I wanted to record André and I’s mundane everydays and not just the significant ones- to witness how much we’ve grown as a couple and as individuals, and to infinitely bring back the glory God.

Why Ramos on the Road? 

Ramos on the Road was a hashtag my husband and I came up with for our honeymoon trip to Europe. We decided it would be a good label for all our trips, local and abroad. But, I decided why not for everything? Besides, this whole marriage thing is a journey anyway.