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Boast in Integrity

André and I have decided that Monday night was our devo-date night. We took pleasure in (albeit only three verses) 2 Corinthians 1: 12-14 which spoke thorougly about character.  Although boasting connotes negativity when used to gloat about one’s own merits, Paul referred to it as proud confidence of what God has done in his life. “Let…

Of Eggs and Marriage

“You’re so lost, you do not even know what eggs you like!” said a very furious Richard Gere as he paced to and fro in front of a very confused Julia Roberts. “That’s called, changing your mind,” she explained. “No, that’s called not having a mind of your own!” Have you seen this movie? Runaway…

Throwback Thursday: A Proposal

             The date was August 4, 2016 and the one thing that I will not forget about that fateful evening was how my date went the extra mile of donning a suit before asking me to be his girlfriend.  Our courtship stage was not a walk in the park; before I witnessed Andre mouthing those words, “will…