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Ham and Egg Sandwich

After I realized my husband has left for work, I sent him a message telling him I wish we had more time in the morning. I long for Saturdays when we could just stay in bed longer and have meaningful conversations over breakfast once we finally decide to get up. That is pure bliss, but…

Beef Keema

Call us creatures of habit but for the sake of convenience (and because we no longer want to go through the trouble of debating), André and I eat at the same place for the past two weeks. We have been recently attending a bible study at our church and sadly we never get there on…

Katsudon Rice Bowl

It was a fun day at Lander’s today for it seemed empty! The superstore just opened a branch a few blocks from our house and I was beaming with excitement. Sad to say, so did a million other people! On it’s first day, the huge warehouse seemed like it was housing a John Mayer concert…

Bean and Yolk

I have always had a penchant for industrial details and so when I saw Bean and Yolk, a hip breakfast place nestled in the streets of Makati…I was overjoyed. This small space was just as lovely as its food.