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Beef Keema

Call us creatures of habit but for the sake of convenience (and because we no longer want to go through the trouble of debating), André and I eat at the same place for the past two weeks. We have been recently attending a bible study at our church and sadly we never get there on…

Katsudon Rice Bowl

It was a fun day at Lander’s today for it seemed empty! The superstore just opened a branch a few blocks from our house and I was beaming with excitement. Sad to say, so did a million other people! On it’s first day, the huge warehouse seemed like it was housing a John Mayer concert…

Bean and Yolk

I have always had a penchant for industrial details and so when I saw Bean and Yolk, a hip breakfast place nestled in the streets of Makati…I was overjoyed. This small space was just as lovely as its food.