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a corner where I keep all our home videos.

Cooking Video Diary || Vanilla Sponge Cake

so, my husband was making fun of my video because after all that preparation, I ended up with an amateurish-looking birthday cake that seemed to have been prepared by a child. HAHA. Well, it WAS my first time baking for my father-in-law on his 60th birthday (include the piping of the name and border as well!) I actually SUCK at pastry cooking, and perhaps excel more at culinary arts…but then, I tried! :)) I really did. Not to mention, this was also my first attempt to capture it on camera. There have been a lot of firsts during this dreaded lockdown. A LOT. Quarantine sucks, we could not go out to buy a birthday cake because most of the shops were closed. But then again, I firmly believe that homemade gifts (no matter how dismal it is) appears to be more special and close to the heart -this is definitely an excuse to a poorly executed craft hahaha. soooo, I shall look back at this piece of video (if I do make a masterpiece somewhere in the distant future) as a milestone haha. it gets better with practice, they say.
Quarantine Diaries || Cat tales

Now that we are in quarantine, I got to observe our cats more often. I took short videos of random things they’ve done since March 16. 🙂 Cheeky little fluffs . ^_^ The female orange and white feline is Kitten, while the ginger male is Parquet.

Travel Diary || Taiwan
Sehnsucht (n.)
Definition: A wistful longing and yearning in the heart for travels past and future. That is how I feel now as I edit our travel videos. T A I W A N Andre, dad and I celebrated the first day of the year in this country. I dread that I am missing a few clips in this upload though, but in a nutshell, this is how we went around Taiwan. This is probably the last vacation of the year due to the virus. 🙁 Till then, I shall be editing and uploading past vacations ^_^. Farewell, 2020.
First Euro trip in 2017 || An Imitation Super 8 Film

My husband and I got married on the last day of November 2017. After exchanging vows and celebrating our first day as a married couple, we packed our bags and frivolously hopped on our first plane trip as a couple. We waited so long to travel together, and it was worth it. These are snippets of our honeymoon as we explored Europe. {this video was inspired by one of my favorite films, Like Crazy}
Spain || An Imitation Super 8 Film

All footage was shot on a Sony a5100 and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. 🙂 This was during our Spain trip last May when we were daring enough to rent a car! My husband and I met up with my dad who was even more dauntless because he finally scratched off “Camino de Santiago” from his bucket list. 🙂