• Diary

    Boast in Integrity

    André and I have decided that Monday night was our devo-date night. We took pleasure in (albeit only three verses) 2 Corinthians 1: 12-14 which spoke thorougly about character.  Although boasting connotes negativity when used to gloat about one’s own merits, Paul referred to it as proud confidence of what God has done in his life. “Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord.” (1 Co 1:31) In the light of today, when humanity heavily relies on accomplishments to define success, it is easy to get distracted about our purpose (who we are and whose we are). The system of this world often disguises itself as the one true path to righteousness…

  • Recipes

    Homemade Pimiento Cheese

    I have no excuse for not writing. NO EXCUSE AT ALL!  I was half lazy and half busy to take decent food shots, curate the photos to my desired mix, and write an equally passable entry. My goals of posting consistently has failed, and I feel remorseful. I should do better (here I go again). AND I WILL. The other day, I played around with cheese that was lying around in our refrigerator for a time. I rushed to a nearby grocery to buy Pimiento and made my self a fresh serving of Pimiento Cheese spread. It was late in the afternoon and I made myself a cup of coffee…

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    The Silog I love

    I have a new source of amusement! a washing machine haha. We just bought one and I have been thrilled to pieces just trying to work my way through laundry. I have been hand washing our clothes since we got back from our honeymoon (six months ago)! My hands need a rest, they have been dry as ever! wrinkles and all. 🙁 However, towards the middle of me sorting out the buttons, I realized how much of a noob I was! haha oh well. ANYWAY. Tomorrow is another holiday! Eid al Fitr, which is a special religious holiday celebrated by the Muslims; but Andre decided not to go to work today…

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    Classic French Toast

    Yay for the holiday! This is one of those rare occasions that I get to sleep longer and wake up to prepare quality breakfast. Thankfully, French Toasts are really fuss free alternatives to pancakes, since I was craving for one. I just wish I had fresh fruits on hand! The site where I got this recipe from looked enticing with all the berries on the side of her plate. Delish! But oh well, this will do for now!  Lica