1919 Grand Café

A Binondo tour continuation.

The streets of Manila will not run out of varieties when it comes to eating houses. Just as there is a diversity in cooking, there is also an assortment as to how you want your food to be served and WHERE. 🙂

In my previous post, I wrote about a simple tofu dish that made us keep coming back for more. Although the flavors of our Quik Snack’s delicacy were not intricate, it was still top-notch. I say food does not have to be presented exorbitantly for it to be enjoyed. Like what we had, nosh can be as unembellished as the chairs we sat in and still be remarkable. BUT for this entry, we dive into the other end of the table – from plain to panache.

We Filipinos love food; we share a fondness for eating that as we try and share new and old dishes, we talk about the next culinary adventure we will take part in. That was what happened during our first food trip on the streets of Carvajal.

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