• Diary

    My Happy Nobita!

    I can look at you from every angle and still say you are the cutest guy I ever laid eyes on. You are my home. …he says, I need more meat in my diet (thank you for the half-eaten burger).

  • Food Trips


    Wednesdays is Andre’s telecommute day and I get to accompany him to work in whichever cafe we find ourselves in! We frequent Eastwood since a) he lives close by and b) this is our forever go-to place because our church is located in this vicinity. 

  • Travels

    Pinto Gallery

    I have been to Pinto thrice in my lifetime. Each had its own purpose and significant memories to tell. This particular experience was with my d-group!  Such girls (women…), we actually planned our outfits! It would have been more awesome if we being sisters (in Christ) thought of going for the same color of ensemble, but no. 🙂 It had to be said: today we wear blue. I loved this particular stretch of hours because the weather was sooo much cooler! Unlike the previous times I went to the museum.