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Crispy homemade fries

I recently discovered the secret to making crispy fries in my attempt to create better food (insert: choices) and food photos this 2019. Normally, I do not make such a huge fuss in researching ways to improve the look and taste of something as ordinary as fries because 1) I make them only to devour…

The Silog I love

I have a new source of amusement! a washing machine haha. We just bought one and I have been thrilled to pieces just trying to work my way through laundry. I have been hand washing our clothes since we got back from our honeymoon (six months ago)! My hands need a rest, they have been…

Clay Pot Chicken

Thursday = bible study and Chinese food!  I feel like doing a Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) and declaring tonight as Chinese Food night! Minus the junk that comes with take out grub, since they eat their nosh from boxes. Andre usually holds his d-group (bible study group) at our house during Thursdays and it…