Taiwan Food Guide to Local Eats and Drinks

Basically, these are the places where we ate, hence it’s not much of a guide but more of a review. I wish I tried more restaurants so I could add more to this list.

To be completely honest, I was not overly delighted with the food as much as I think I would. I wish I was. With all the hype surrounding Taiwanese cuisine, we were sincerely looking forward to binge eating to our hearts content but upon eating one food to another, we realized that it just was not our cup of (milk) tea haha. BUT WE REALLY DID TRY! I assume I take pleasure in Chinese flair less than the average Filipino. :)) Most of my kababayans actually loved the food and kept coming back for more.

Nonetheless, this is where we parked our appetites throughout the trip:

I love Tuna Onigiri! It is usually my quick go-to snack when we’re in Japan. I also do not go without it when we eat in Marugame Udon! ang sarap talaga eh.

But before listing the restaurants we went to, our first meal upon reaching our Airbnb was Family Mart (hahaha the place to be! It was just conveniently close and we were famished). Although we did visit the store everyday to buy nuts, chips, orange juice and soda (sounds so unhealthy, but yeah).

So, without further adieu, the first restaurant we went to was:

Gingin Coffee

  • Nearest station: Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (4-minute walk from the station)
  • Store Time: Everyday (9:00 AM – 8:30 PM)
  • What we ordered:
    • Food: dad had the Pulled Pork with Spicy Mayo on Toast (NT$ 260) and Andre had the Rice Bowl with Beef Guinness Stew (NT$240)
    • Drink: Pour Over Single Origin ( NT$115)
  • Review:
    • The restaurant had a large space, it was actually one of the biggest eating places we have been to so far since most of their eateries are relatively small. I noticed that it housed a lot of young professionals and most tables had huge groups of people (probably they facilitate their meetings here). What I liked best about the establishment was that it had enormous windows looking out to the street, so it really paved the way for natural sunlight to fill in the industrial-looking intramurals.
    • There is science in color combination and so their fusion of blue and yellow added joy to the room (it just looked sooo happy). I enjoyed how sunny, bright and vibrant the atmosphere was.
    • The food was also good (it was one of the best we’ve had as well). Dad’s Pulled Pork Sandwich came with yogurt which was a good and sweet ending to a full (tad spicy) meal. Andre’s beef bowl was just as filling as well. I recall there were more vegetables than meat but the sauce was delicious. I think they were more known for their sandwiches but their rice bowl was also a flavorsome option if you did not prefer bread.
    • Pour-over was an excellent caffeine fix. They had a wide variety of choices (a lot!) but I wanted to play it safe for my first meal. You can never go wrong with a Pour-over. 🙂
  • Rating from the web (Facebook): 4.8/5 – hear, hear! it did not disappoint.
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