Back to being kids at Taichung Animation Lane

Mario wall in Taichung Animation Lane

Whenever my husband would go through bouts of childhood nostalgia, Goku would always come to mind. He would recall his make believe antics with his classmates as they take their place in the fictional universe of Dragonball and save the world before the bell rings. We are kids of the 90’s and we grew up with these juvenescent TV shows that inspired us to do our homeworks right away. While children these days are soaked up in their gadgets, we would bust out of our household doors and the reenactment of these cartoons will be underway. To be a kid again.

AND to be a kid, we did.

A friend told me about Taichung’s Animation Lane and that it should not be missed! It was this cute city alleyway showcasing animated characters of our youth. Like young ‘uns, we trailed behind a group of nursery students who were out on a field trip in the same vicinity.

After a day’s search for fountain pens, my dad did not and could not say a word about our tourist choices. Sorry daddy.

Like channels on a television set, we flicked through one cartoon group to the other – Dragonball, Ghostfighter, Looney Tunes, MY HERO ACADEMIA haha it was an explosion of illustrations. IT WAS A KID’S and KID’S AT HEART PARADISE. Ang cute ng asawa ko eh, nag-popose! He knew which position to take up and how to assume the attitude. I knew nothing of these things except Sailormoon. SAILORMOON WAS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.

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