Hello! Welcome to my little space on the internet! 

The author – My name is Lica.  I am a proud introvert who rejoices in the company of myself. My alone time consists of a few things: the love for coffee, the joy of peaceful mornings and the pleasure of taking good photos køb viagra. Very often though I am accompanied by the usual suspects that you might encounter in my blog once in awhile – my doting father, my youthful husband and our two fiddle-footed Chihuahuas. 

Most of the time my husband and I’s adventures take place in our hometown, Manila. Our country alone, never runs out of stories to tell and I wish to share them with you. But once in a while, God blesses us with the opportunity to see the world, and I also hope you will take part in the globe-trotting moments with me. 

Ramos on the Road was our first hashtag as a married couple on Instagram, so I thought it was fitting to use it as a banner name for all of our small and life-changing memories. Besides, we ARE on the road to the great unknown but God has been incredibly faithful to us. With that, we want to share how He has blessed us through the years. 

Thank you for stopping by!